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Adult Onset

October 23, 2014

CBC’s Anne Marie MacDonald is, unshockingly, an excellent writer. I picked up her new novel, Adult Onset from the EPL\s Hits To Go section. Hits To Go is a shelf of what’s new, hot, and expensive (hardcover) at Chapters right now. The catch is that you have to read the book in a week. The awesome part is that you have to read it in a week.

adult onset

Adult Onset is all Bloor and Spadina, having small kids at middle-age, Googling medical symptoms, piecing together distant and splintered memories, anxiety, aging parents, having nervous breakdowns while trying to get a toddler to put her boots on, and a dull fear that plastics in the water is giving everyone cancer. Wait. That last one might be me. Or is it Mary Rose, the main character?

One thing I love about fiction is it helps me appreciate how neurotic other people (ahem) are.

I fell in love with the book on page 62, when the narrator says:

It is five o’clock: witching hour for children and puppies, who tend to go rangy around then, bitching hour for those returning home from work, worry-and-wander hour for old folks suffering from sundowning. It is the primal tilt between day and night that strikes low-grade dread into the heart of Homo sapiens, a holdover from the time when we were prey. It is why cocktail hour was invented.

I hate five o’clock. Do you know what helps with five o’clock? A crock pot.

Can you see I’ve signed up for an Amazon Affiliates account? I don’t expect to make a shiny die, but I’m curious about how it works. And it’s true about the crock pots and 5 o’clock. I know it to be true. Don’t underestimate the power of a crock pot.

How alienating is this add content?

But wait…this is a book review. Sort of. I fell a bit further in love with Adult Onset when the protagonist insists that:

[She] has her inner Martha Stewart in check. That is a slippery slope: you start making your own ricotta, next thing you know you’re in jail.

House of Flurfel

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