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March 30, 2013

I took some photos of the first day of Spring in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (March 22nd, 2013):


Really, springtime in Edmonton is more about a longing for green than anything, isn’t it?

On the first day of Spring we went to school by toboggan.



The snow plows celebrated the equinox by making lots of money.



Honestly though? It’s like this every year. We get spring flurries. And no matter, we are always surprised and can’t resist complaining/bragging about the ridiculousness of it. This is our “potting shed”. After a decade, I should know better than to store pots in it. Because when it’s time to start tomatoes, the pots are not handy.

Meanwhile at the hardware store….


Yeah huh.

Not tempted. We have a perfectly good patio set:





One foot in front of the other. A spring stroll…


And then what a difference a week makes:



Spring is a dramatic surge of melting.



And suddenly our winter jackets seem oppressive instead of essential. Did I mention these photos were taken ONE WEEK apart?




It’s all puddly and mucky.



No more snow plows… I don’t know what they do in the off-season?



I’m sure they have a better time of it than this vanquished snowman…



There aren’t any baby bunnies hopping through green grass here. It so doesn’t match the greeting cards and calendar photos.

But it’s Spring. And it’s amazing. And it feels good. Like we’ve accomplished something through hard work and determination.

Happy Spring from House of Flurfel!






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  1. Carmen permalink
    March 31, 2013 11:19 am

    Happy spring from the Kootenay’s Ill try not to mention the smell of dirt and the chirping spring song birds, and oh, did I try not to mention the crocus’s everywhere. Either way we’ve made through another winter thank goodness. Now it’s time to get dirty!!!!!

  2. Martha permalink
    March 31, 2013 12:39 pm

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for posting. Love and Hugs all around.

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