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Trick or Treat

October 31, 2010


Hey, remember these?

They’ve gone the way of these:

But UNICEF is still working hard for children in developing countries.

In fact, October 31st is National Unicef Day in Canada.




And now there’s this:

Yup! Online fundraising for school kids in Canada (like Hazel!) to help other kids in developing countries go to school, to get clean drinking water, and to protect them from disease, starvation and violence.

You know how it works, we have a tutu for every occasion and they need anti-malaria netting.














We’re worried about how to prevent our babies from eating too much candy (probably best to raid their loot bags while they’re sleeping) and they’re worried about whether their babies will make it to their first birthday.

















Don’t even get me started on how vulnerable little girls like ours are in some parts of the world.

Today we’re knocking on your electronic door to say, please put a stack of these:


in our electronic Unicef box. It’s right here:

If you want to give to UNICEF but find putting your money into the internet to be way too spooky! send me an e-mail:

I will spot you five bucks (or whatever) and collect your pledge later, the old fashioned way.

We’re trying to raise one hundred dollars.


From Mama Flurfel, the Flurfel that is a black cat, and our wee little witchy Flurfel

Happy Halloween! And hats off to you!


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  1. Anne Watson permalink
    October 31, 2010 7:18 am

    you rock.

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